making the 'super senior' extinct.

One 4-year graduate at a time.


everything college.

simplified into one app.


Live since Spring 2018 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, SCAPEGOAT has brought all parts of the college experience into one, easily navigated platform.



  • connects you with classmates by course & section
  • automatically schedules and syncs important due dates
  • helps you explore your interests through events and organization pages
  • personalizes course registration by graduation requirements, friends enrolled, and professor ratings.
  • instantly displays your class locations on our campus map.
  • allows you to sign up for text reminders for important meetings/due dates.

Our mission

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End the feeling of overwhelm that prevents college students from seizing all of the opportunities their school has to offer.

The lack of consistency in organization between academics, professional development and various external obligations makes finding a student's niche in the university ecosystem extraordinarily difficult. 

Scapegoat cuts through the crap and brings you directly to the front page.

the team