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Live since Spring 2018 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Everything UIUC Enterprise can do plus moreā€¦SIMPLIFIED!

The Perfect



The Scapegoat mobile app is available on iOS (use Browser on Android). It is the perfect way to take Scapegoat on the go.

  • Register for Classes From Your Phone

  • Get Notified When a Spot Opens in a Closed Class

  • View Your Schedule

  • Map your Classes

  • View Your Groups & Events

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Our mission

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Navigating college can be frustrating. Students are saying...

"University enterprise systems are confusing. Why can't I register from my smartphone?....'Somebody' should make the process less complicated ." 

"Finding the right classes and prerequisites that fit my schedule is time consuming...'Somebody' should come up with a smarter way"

"Having to check over and over to see if a class is still full is annoying....'Somebody' should be able to tell me when a spot opens up"

"Getting to class on time is hard enough..'I wish 'Somebody" could at least show me where my classes are at."

"Trying to figure all this out and still graduating on time is exhausting....."Somebody" should make it simpler and easier."

At Scapegoat, our team is listening to college students, and we're committed to taking the hassle out of registering, scheduling, and getting to classes.  Our Mission is to help college students get the classes they need, when they need them, so they can graduate on time. Our mission is to be that 'Somebody'.

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