The Game Changing Management Tool for UIUC Organizations

Our last post showed you how Scapegoat will forever change the way you look at semester scheduling. Now it’s time to look at why Scapegoat brings even more value to UIUC student organizations.

We’ve all been there, the president of your organization sent out an email a few days back moving your next meeting to Tuesday at 8pm. You tell yourself you’ll update your calendar once you finish the next paragraph of your HIST121 essay... Tuesday at 9pm rolls around and you get a text from your friend.

“Dude, where were you? We voted on next year’s exec board. Didn’t you want to run?”

Welp, guess there’s always next year...unless of course you’ll be graduated.

Scapegoat connects all members of student organizations on one, simplified home page. Forget the days of ignored emails, cluttered and irrelevant Facebook notifications and missed meetings. All calendar dates and changes are automatically updated to each member’s home calendar. No more excuses when a member claims they, “didn’t see the email.”

It’s time to move away from Facebook. Scapegoat keeps life simple for student organizations.