Some thoughts with another year of college just around the corner

It does not feel like it was such a long time ago, but here I am starting a project that takes me back in time -- to college. I must really miss Champaign...

It is interesting looking around campus and noticing the constant change that goes on. From new businesses to new GIANT apartment buildings just popping up at random locations. 

Freshman year was probably the time I remember least out of all my years at U of I. I do remember living in FAR (great building, great people, but literally FAR from EVERYTHING.) I advise students who are going to live in FAR is to take advantage of the PAR cafeteria and the bus schedule. I remember walking to class the first few weeks and that was not the best decision. 

Advice: get involved socially and have a plan A and B academically. I went into freshman year thinking: "I don't need a plan yet, I will just figure it out." In terms of majors, make sure your plan A is what you WANT to do, but make sure you have a plan B in mind just in case the original plan doesn't work out. This may sound confusing, but this is one of the many driving forces of Scapegoat -- students are taking classes that have nothing to do with the major they intend to pursue. All students should know what classes they are taking and the credits that come with them. Yes, we all want college to be a breeze, but let me tell you, paying monthly for loans ever since graduation is no fun.